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Add lie-detection to your existing business and you might find it becomes your main business!

Thursday December 12 2013 in the Los Angeles area

These 25 states have no polygraph license:
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island,Washington, Washington DC, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Canada has no polygraph license either.

In the above states, you only need 2 things: knowledge, and the equipment. Polygraph is computerized via laptop since 1991, and all 4 brands of computerized polygraph will be discussed-- which to buy and which to avoid. Computerized polygraph equipment is occasionally available for sale used too.

You will leave with important handouts and possessing hands-on polygraph equipment experience. After the training basics, you will have been polygraphed, and you will have polygraph others. And included will be the topic NOT shared at other polygraph training sources: the BUSINESS of polygraph-- HOW TO GET THE WORK.

Most testing everyday nationwide is relationship: husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc, thinking the other might be cheating. Then there is also theft amongst family members and roommates, employee theft, immigration/asylum, and other disputes. Polygraph clients pay in full in cash prior to you conducting the examination, AT FAR MORE DOLLARS PER HOUR THAN YOUR REGULAR PI WORK. 

It's easier than you might think, now that its computerized. You are comparing the body reactions at four points of their body as they answer a standardized 10-question script made up of three question-types. The client gets to write up to four questions, MOST of the rest are simple known-truth questions.

Last time this seminar was offered, members came from all over the US-- and some have good polygraph businesses today. This seminar is not available to PIs based in the counties surrounding Los Angeles, as we won't train our own competitors with our experience & secrets!

Did you know: in most major cities, you can not become a law-enforcement officer without passing a polygraph examination.

Unlike training that usually says this, with this it is true: seats are limited.

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For further polygraph reference, visit these two sites:

In the 1990s,
thePIgroup (
pioneered the use of online investigative
interactive training and 'webinars':
interactive training via the Internet
amongst the investigative professions.

Such interactive --and free-- round-table discussions
continue in 2014, different topics each month.

Some of these interactive forums continue for several days;
members have the choice to either
quietly observe or to jump in and participate.

Some are group participation and others are one-on-one.

Also available are our on-line texts that includes simulated practice license test
questions for the California Private Investigator, Private Patrol Operator PPO,
and Repossession Agency license examinations, as well as those for the private
investigator/detective licensing tests of many other states,
a simulator to a computer-testing as it advises the time limitations to answer each.

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The current on-line Continuing Education
'webinar' available to members of thePIgroup:

'Pretexting-- when is it not OK?'
(GLB Act, CFIPA, and more)

Participating Members Only; no fee!

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Last three on-line CE topics:
---Locating Assets
---'Secret' and little-known sources and techniques

For our polygraph members:

FREE two-day in-person Workshop:

1: CE Polygraph Fundamentals Skills Update Workshop

2: CE Immigration Polygraph basics workshop

January 14-15, 2013 in Van Nuys CA

Need spelling of your name in advance
for your Continuing Education certificates.

Next 2013 Immigration Polygraph Seminars
(basics and advanced combined)
in-person schedule to be posted here soon.

2013 Immigration Polygraph
in-person seminar copyrighted
material handouts typically include:


Polygraph for Immigration / Asylum / Refugee applicants

Information on the US Asylum Program

Asylum polygraph information

Acronyms involved with
Immigration/Asylum/Refugee matters
(Know what these initials stand for, or risk looking
uninformed when dealing with immigration attorneys!)

The US Government’s definition of Asylum

The required elements of Asylum

What determines a ‘Well-Founded Fear’?

What is ‘Persecution’?

The REAL ID Act of 2005

The REAL ID Act of 2005:
Corroborating Evidence
“ . . . . may require other evidence to
corroborate otherwise credible testimony”

Key laws involving Asylum

What is a ‘Merits Hearing’?

Definition of Marriage Immigration Fraud

Sample: an actual Asylum Hearing appointment letter

Affidavit of Support (19 pages)

VAWA: Violence Against Women Act
(increasingly involved in immigration matters)

Websites of government agencies
connected to immigration/asylum

Definition of Amnesty

Amnesty information

The major sources of evidence

Definition of ‘Expert Witness’

Testifying in court as a Polygraph Expert

Other types of Immigration-related hearings

Glossary of Immigration terms

More asylum polygraph information

Bars to Asylum
(no exceptions:
if any of these apply to an applicant,
asylum will not be granted)

A potential bar to asylum,
and how to deal with it:
If applicant was a member of
the military in his homeland.
(As a military member, he may be
considered to be a ‘persecutor’ himself)



IRCA: Immigration Reform and Control Act

LIFE: Legal Immigration and Family Equity Act

News story, misconduct and wrongly deporting/denying

Typical technique used, asylum polygraph examination

Report example, asylum polygraph examination

declaration, under penalty of perjury
(when submitting a polygraph report into court evidence;
often done on ‘pleading –numbered- paper’)

Sample sheet: pleading paper
(you can photocopy)

News story involving immigration and polygraph

website of an Immigration/Asylum polygraph specialist

Using an Interpreter
(Federal training)

Using an Interpreter
(additional Federal training)

Federal Rules of Evidence
(Article VII: Opinions and Expert Testimony)

Federal Rule of Evidence 702
(Testimony by Experts: qualified by knowledge,
skill, experience, training, or education)

Immigration/Asylum textbooks
(build your library)

and more!

--- Dates and specifications are subject to change---